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Simone Zucker 



Hey, here's a bit about myself...

I'm a Toronto-based, Canadian Screen Award winning producer with over 10 years experience in television, documentary, branded content and digital media production. I got my start at MuchMusic working on several different TV shows including The Wedge and RapCity. From there I moved over to VICE where I produced and directed tons of short documentaries, artist profiles and sit-down interviews...everything from Sailor Moon cosplay to Werner Herzog. I recently finished working on a six-part documentary series called We're All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel), premiering at Hot Docs and streaming now on CRAVE. I also co-produced The Climate Baby Dilemma, a documentary for the CBC. 

I've also worked with TIFF, Shopify, Zapruder Films, Flying Sparrow, Academy and Proper Television.

Right now, I'm currently freelancing. Let's work together!

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